Wooden Fishing Nets by Rushton Rushton Wooden Landing Nets
Our cradle nets are an excellent choice for salmon and steelhead fishermen who want to weigh & release without touching the fish. Lightweight and durable for the environmentally conscious fisherman.

This is the ultimate tool for netting and releasing steelhead or salmon without having to lay a hand on them.

Nylon mesh netting between parallel handles gives gentle support to remove a hook while the fish is still submerged. An inlaid tape on the handle gives a quick measurement before release. Velcro straps hold the cradle in a convenient roll.

All cradles below are exactly the same except for their length. Click each image for a larger version of that cradle.

Salmon/Steelhead Cradle Net
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Cradle Models

Bulkley Cradle Net   Kispiox Cradle Net   Skeena Cradle net

Bulkley Cradle Net

Length: 36"


Kispiox Cradle Net

Length: 42"


Skeena Cradle Net

Length: 48"