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Landing and proper handling of a fish you intend to release requires good equipment and proper technique. These tasks are made much easier when using a well designed landing net.
-Brian Chan
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Welcome to Rushton Landing Nets

Rushton Landing Nets are individually handcrafted using only the finest hardwoods from around the world, and are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit your angling needs. Browse our website to learn more about our quality products and where they are available.

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Our wooden landing nets are available in 3 series - Signature, Guide and Classic. With 16 models in all shapes and sizes - we have a landing net for any fishing application.   Our wooden cradle nets are best suited for Salmon and Steelhead fishing. Long wearing and strong with an inlaid tape on the handle for easy measurements.   Rushton flyboxes are handcrafted with the same detail and quality as our other products. Available in two sizes with hidden hinges and magnetic closure.

Rushton Landing Nets is proud to feature the Brian Chan Catch & Release Net.

Brian is a professional fisheries biologist in the Kamloops region of BC. For the past 20 plus years he has focused on management of the stillwaters of southern BC. He is an accomplished writer with many books and articles to his credit.

"I have had the opportunity to use Rushton fishing nets for the past several seasons of fishing lakes and rivers. These hand built nets are both fish and angler friendly."

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The Brian Chan Catch and Release Net has a 5 - ply laminated hoop and 30" handle made from domestic and exotic hardwoods.
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Brian Chan - testimonial for Catch and Release Net

Another Great Endorsement for Rushton Nets:

"I have used Rushton Nets in every fishing situation from stillwaters to the North Pacific and for quality of detail in construction and unharmed fish release capabilities they build unparalleled nets for your specific fishing situation."

-Mark Pendlington, Host and Producer of Sportfishing BC