Wooden Fishing Nets by Rushton Rushton Landing Nets

The Guide Series Fishing Nets have larger hoops and longer handles for added reach when angling from a boat or raft.

They consist of domestic and exotic hardwoods and are finished with a durable urethane. They have a deeper bag which aids in landing large fish.

The Guide Series are available in 5 models (see below):

  • The Brian Chan
  • The Gillie
  • The Dragon
  • The Babine
  • The Exchamsiks
Guide Series - Long Handled Nets
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The Brian Chan Catch and Release Net

The Brian Chan Catch & Release Net is a standard style catch and release net with a five ply bow and a 30" handle. The large hoop dimension and deep net bag make it ideal for catch & release fishing out of a boat.

The net has the name lasered down the length of the handle and Brian Chan's signature under the Rushton Net logo.

The Brian Chan Dimensions:

Opening Size: 9" x 19"
Overall length: 49"
Net depth: 14 1/2"

Read the testimonial from Brian Chan

Guide Series - Brian Chan Catch and Release Net
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The Gillie

The Gillie is a traditional style net with a six ply bow for superior strength. The 30" handle gives added reach for use in a boat or raft.

Made with domestic and exotic hardwoods with a durable urethane finish it is built to last.

The Gillie Dimensions:

Opening Size: 13" x 18"
Overall length: 48"
Net depth: 20 1/2"

The Gillie - Long Handled Nets
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The Dragon

The Dragon is a large net for big fish. It gets its name from Dragon Lake in Northern British Columbia which is the home of many trophy sized Rainbow Trout.

The six ply hoop with 31" handle makes landing these trophies an easy task. The Dragon also has inlaid dots down the length of the handle every 2" which will allow for a quick length measurement before release. A durable urethane finishes the package.

The Dragon Dimensions:

Opening Size: 15 1/2" x 21"
Overall length: 52"
Net depth: 23 1/2"

Guide Series - Dragon
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The Babine

Designed by Pierce Clegg of Babine Norlakes Lodge, the Babine is a big net for big steelhead. Pierce wanted a net that would enable them to net a runaway steelhead from a boat if tailing or beaching was out of the question.

A very large six ply hoop with a 40" handle glued with epoxy for superior strength, the Babine will land all but the largest of steelhead or salmon.

The Babine Dimensions:

Opening Size: 20 1/2" x 35"
Overall length: 75"
Net depth: 22 1/2"

Guide Series - Babine
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The Exchamsiks

The Exchamsiks is a large catch & release net with a 36" handle for added reach when fishing from a boat. Made with a 6 ply hoop and flared handle it is strong yet comfortable on the hand. The deeper bag makes it easy to land those monster Exchamsiks Coho.

The Exchamsiks Dimensions:

Opening Size: 11 1/2" x 28"
Overall length: 64"
Net depth: 20 1/2"

Guide Series - Exchamsiks
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